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Community space Workshop April 23rd

28.4.2015 Eila Ryynänen-McEwan
Soraja Harjula and Eila Ryynänen-McEwan, two Laurea students, facilitated four workshops at Tuunaamo on Thursday April, the 23rd. This workshop was arranged in order to receive ideas and input that will help conceptualise the activities and spatial qualities of the future community house in Espoo Center. Input was welcomed, especially from people with international backgrounds, new arrivals to Finland from many nations around the world. In the first workshop, the visitor-participants were able to vote for the best decor and atmosphere from four different mood-picture boards presented. Moodboard number four depicting a ’modern look’ received overwhelmingly the most votes. Moodboard number one depicting ’colourful interior spaces’ came in second. Moodboard number two showing a ’cosmopolitan ethnic look’ for interiors received third place. Surprisingly, moodboard number three showing a ’traditional Scandinavian countryside look’ came in last place. 


Moodboard number four depicting a ’modern look’

In the second workshop, participant-visitors were able to share their opinions and comments about the activities of the future community house at the Samaria building. The activities selections were from the Best Space Survey results, previously conducted in the fall 2014. The Best Space Survey results are available on Caring and Sharing Networks website. The third workshop, participants were encouraged to place or write notes on the Samaria house floorplans regarding the most suitable activities. The last workshop included design thinking about the best object or picture by placing it on the floorplan taped onto the floor. One volunteer, a former cityplanner from the United States interviewed several workshop participants willing to share verbally as to why they had made their specific choices. In this workshop people picked for example, pictures of flowers cut from a magazine to represent the desire for lovely outside gardens; an actual tool was placed on the floorplan to symbolise the need for a workshop space to make and fix things; a picture of a van was placed outside by the door to show the need for mobility connections ’for moving people and stuff’; a picture of a guitar was placed in the front hallway expressing the desire for music and instruction for all children including those with special needs;…et cetera. One person wrote a candid comment for the community house to sponsor ’multicultural events and activities’ but emphasising ’promoting understanding between locals and immigrants’ (new arrivals). 


Thursday’s afternoon ideation workshop welcomed all visitors to enter a festive looking hallway with colourful balloons and flagpendants. Colourful directional signs taped onto the floor guided visitors and potential users of the future community house to each of the four workshops. Participants could also see the results of the previous days of Tuunaamo community house workshops. Over fourty participants showed up to ’co-create’ with expression of their ideas for the project. Coffee, juice and buns were available for all. Arts and crafts for mother’s with children was organised. Children cut and decorated small cartons as houses on a separate table, while their parent’s participated in the workshops. There was also a bigger cardboard house where children could draw or write and express their thoughts. Thursday’s participants consisted of new arrivals and their children and other visitors to Entresse Mall who showed up to participate. All information from co-created ideas for the future community house is handled anonymously.

Eila and Soraja and the entire Caring and Sharing Network people wish to express their sincere gratitude for all who took time of their day to participate in this community project.

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